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  • Seabob Experience in Mauritius
  • Seabob Experience in Mauritius

Seabob Experience in Mauritius

Seabob Experience in Mauritius

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Ride the waves in the breathtaking lagoon of Grand Baie with our SEABOB! This nautical vehicle with high performance speed provides you with great agility underwater. Easy to handle, it gives you the ultimate opportunity to explore the colourful underwater marine life and feel as free as a dolphin! You will be able to dive into the turquoise waters or simply ride the waves for an ultimate adrenalin kick. 

You will go by boat to the designated area where the SEABOB team will guide you through the handling of the watercraft. You then be ready to start your great SEABOB adventure! We guarantee that it’s an experience you will never forget! 

  • ​​​​Experience: 
    Explore the underwater marine life with great agility and speed or stay on the surface and ride the waves like a dolphin. For both swimmers and non swimmers. (non swimmers wear life jacket and stays on the surface and ride the waves.)
  • Price description and maximum participants: 
    Low season SEABOB 15 min. 30 Euro per. person. 
    Low season SEABOB 30 min. 50 Euro per. person. 
    Maximum. 8 participants. 

    High season SEABOB 15 min. 45 Euro per. person.
    High season SEABOB 30 min. 75 Euro per. person. 
    Maximum. 8 participants. 

  • Included in the price:
    Safety briefing, professional team, 2.5 m depth and maximum speed of 20 km/h. 
  • Opening days for activity:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
  • Start time, end time and duration: 

    Flexible as from 10.00am  Approx. 1,5 hour. (15 or 30 mins SEABOB time)

  • Location and/or meeting point/finishing point:
    Grand Baie, North. SEABOB, Sunset Boulevard, Grand Baie. 
  • To bring:
    Swim wear, for women it is advised not to wear bikini but swimsuit, towel and water. 
  • Minimum age and/or requirements for kids:
    All ages welcome. 
  • Transport to location:
    Not included. 
  • Reservation policy:

    Booking 24 hours in advance.

  • Cancellation Policy:
    No refunds on cancellation.  

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