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  • Dolphins & Whales Encounter
  • Dolphins & Whales Encounter
  • Dolphins & Whales Encounter

Dolphins & Whales Encounter

Dolphins & Whales Encounter

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Start the day early and say 'good morning' to our Dolphins. The Spinners and the Bottlenose dolphins have chosen the West coast as their privileged place to rest and play before going into the deep sea to hunt. Dolphins live in pods of 20 or more and can be observed early in the morning, swimming casually from Tamarin Bay towards the deep sea off the coast of Le Morne Peninsula. 

Dolphin watching is a major tourist attraction worldwide. In Mauritius, such attraction helps to diversify our tourist offering and create business opportunities for the locals. However, it has been noted that such activities are carried out in an unsustainable manner. DolSwim highly regards the environment and prides itself on its eco-friendly approach. The skipper will give you an in-depth briefing on the type of dolphins you will see and their habits, guidelines on sustainable dolphin watching, security measures on board and swimming procedures for a truly privileged moment.

It's time to venture further out on the open water to find the Whales.

Humpback whales can be observed off the Mauritian West coast from July to November when they move from the poles to warmer waters near the equator for the mating season before getting back to the Arctic. They only eat in polar waters and build up a reserve of fat before migrating up to 25,000 kilometres each year. So, during our winter, when they are near the Mauritian coast, they are in fasting mode and live off their fat reserves. 

Sperm Whales, on the other hand, are considered residents and can be found in our waters all year round. They tend to be even larger than Humpback whales and will surely impress you immensely. 

  • Experience:
    Whales and dolphin watching in their natural habitat.  
  • Price description and maximum participants: 
    Shared boat/per person:
    Adult 82 Euro per. person. 
    Child 51 Euro per. person. (5-12)
    Not suitable for children under 5. 
    Max. 8 participants.

    Exclusivity of the boat:
    Exclusive boat 8 participants 555 Euro.  

  • Included in the price:
    Dolphin and whale watching, breakfast and drinks. 
  • Opening days for activity:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Start time, end time and duration: 

    Starts at 07.00am, ends 12.00. Approx 5 hours. 


  • Location and/or meeting point/finishing point:
    Tamarin, West. Meeting at La Jetee Road, Grand Riviere Noire.  
  • To bring:
    Sunscreen, rain jacket, sun hat and camera. 
  • Minimum age and/or requirements for kids:
    Children under 5 are welcome. Paying as from 5 years old and above. Children under 18 should always be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Transport to location: 
    Not included. 
  • Reservation policy:
    Booking 24 hours in advance.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the outing will be fully refunded. 
    DolSwim reserves the right to cancel any reservation if bad weather prevails the security of the trip. The outing shall be postponed or refunded in full.


  • 5
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  • A must wonderful experience - a must do
We selected Dolswim who were recommended and they exceeded my expectations on all counts. From check in to check out / safety - max 8 on board, life jackets and only 2 permitted with guide in water at anytime when swimming with dolphins / on board service / support to my wife when in water (nervous swimmer) to maximise opportunity to get close to dolphins. They went out of their way to ensure everybody had two swims with dolphins. Again when seeing the whales , they persisted in getting as many opportunities to see them.
  • 5
    Average: 5 (1 vote)
  • A lifetime experience
When you are out to see wild animals, you can never be sure, but the guys at Dolswim know their job. Not only that we have seen both kinds of dolphin that live in the area, but we have seen at least a dozen sperm whales. It was a fantastic experience. I am also happy that I chose Dolswim over other firms as they seem far more professional and responsible than the rest of the pack both when it comes to customer safety (life vests), but also never going too close to the animals. Note though that while I had excellent time, whale watching is not for everyone. Travelling about an hour in a speedboat can make you sick. Also: prepare with sun and wind protection. A tip: Dolswim offers a pick-up service. Considering the taxi costs in Mauritius, it seems a good deal.

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