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  • Hiking in Mauritius - Alexandra Falls
  • Hiking in Mauritius - Alexandra Falls

Hiking in Mauritius - Alexandra Falls

Hiking in Mauritius - Alexandra Falls

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Lace up your hiking shoes and follow Ashwin, an experienced hiker, for an exciting journey at the magnificent Alexandra Falls. This hiking expert is very eager to share his passion and deep respect for nature and its unique energies that will bring your mind at peace and your senses at ease. If you desire, it is even possible to experience a more meditative hike in silence with a meditation session halfway or at the end of the trip. The carefully selected roads that Ashwin offers are lesser-known hikes and will leave you mentally recharged, far from the popular touristic circuits.

You will meet Ashwin at the Alexandra Falls parking lot and together you will hike towards the bottom of the falls, where you will enjoy a swim and admire the serene surroundings. You will continue to hike upwards towards the 500-feet waterfall that is renowned for its amazing drop. Enjoy a panoramic view and admire stunning landscapes, lush forests, roaring waterfalls and endless gorges. This beautiful hike is an amazing way to reconnect with nature. 

  • Experience:
    A medium-hard hike to Alexandera Waterfall. Explore a lovely panoramic view, beautiful waterfall drops and breathtaking viewpoints while walking in lush nature and serene surroundings. 
  • Price description and maximum participants: 
    Price per.person gets cheaper when booking in groups. 
    1 person 102 Euro 
    2 persons group 112 Euro (total)
    3 persons group 107 Euro (total)
    4 persons group 112 Euro (total)
    5 persons group 114 Euro (total)
    6 persons group 107 Euro (total)
    7 persons group 107 Euro (total)
    8 persons group 112 Euro (total)
    9 persons group 114 Euro (total)
    10 persons group 102 Euro (total)
    Max. 10 participants. 
  • Included in the price:
    Guided hike to Alexandra Falls. 
  • Opening days for activity:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Start time, end time and duration: 

    Starts at 09.00am, ends 02.00pm. Approx 5 hours. 


  • Location and/or meeting point/finishing point:
    Black River District, South. Meeting at Alexandra Falls parking lot. 
  • To bring:

    Sportswear, hiking shoes (or sports shoes), sunscreen, a cap, sunglasses, mosquito spray and swimwear are advised. Food and beverages not included. You can bring your own food and drinks. Make sure you have water. Ashwin may know small places where you can buy delicious local snacks. It is also recommended to bring cash.

  • Minimum age and/or requirements for kids:
    As from 16. 
  • Transport to location: 
    Not included. 
  • Reservation policy:

    Booking 48 hours in advance. 

  • Cancellation Policy:
    Bookings are non-refundable. In case of bad weather conditions, the activity shall be rescheduled or refunded. 


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  • Lovely Views
One of the many places we visited inside the Black River Gorge Park. You have views from different areas & from a raised platform where you can see quite far. Lots of forest area & the coastline in the distance. It's a couple of minutes walk from the parking area with a few steps. There are also some picnic areas under the trees with the sound of the waterfalls in the background .
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  • inqanta Prague, Czech Republic
The view from observation platform is very nice, and there is a good place for a picnic right next to it.

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