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  • Lychee Boutique Winery - Tropical Mauritius
  • Lychee Boutique Winery - Tropical Mauritius
  • Lychee Boutique Winery - Tropical Mauritius

Lychee Boutique Winery - Tropical Mauritius

Lychee Boutique Winery - Tropical Mauritius

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A longtime dream come true, the Takamaka Boutique Winery has been created by the talented, passionate and fully qualified winemaker, Alexander Oxenham. He is the only oenologist in Mauritius, who had the audacity to take up the challenge of producing wine in a totally different way. The Mauritian climate may not strike as suitable to make wine. But these tropical temperatures are ideal for the growth of red lychees, with juicy white flesh bursting with flavours. These are the secret ingredients to produce the delicious Takamaka Lychee Wine!

Indulge yourself in this wonderful tasting journey and get to meet the friendly team of Takamaka who will guide you to understand the lychee winemaking process. During the visit, you will watch a documentary about the history of Takamaka and different processes involved in making this exotic local wine.

Learn about the challenges and carefully managed processes from selecting the best orchards across the island to establishing the optimum maturity of the lychee fruit for its harvest, the sorting at the orchards and the second sorting at the winery, the hand peeling, and the environmental aspects of composting and reusing.

Needless to say that you will end your visit with a delicious and unique wine tasting session!


  • ​​​​Experience: 
    Visit the Mauritian Lychee Winery with wine tasting. 
  • Price description and maximum participants: 
    Adult 8 Euro per. person. 
    Child 4 Euro per. person. (6-17 years)
    Maximum. 30 participants. 
  • Included in the price:
    Guided visit of the winery, a video projection on the wine making process, wine tasting at the bar (Minors are offered non-alcoholic cocktails), meeting with the owner Mr. Alexander Oxenham ( upon his availability), souvenir shop and art gallery. 
  • Opening days for activity:
    Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
  • Start time, end time and duration: 

    Mon-Fri 09.00am to 05.00pm. 45 mintues guided visit.
    Saturday 09.00am to 01.00pm. 45 minutes guided visit. 


  • Location and/or meeting point/finishing point:
    Vacoas, Phoenix, Center. Meeting at the Takamaka Winery. 
  • To bring:
    Camera and water.  


  • Minimum age and/or requirements for kids:
    All ages are welcome. 
  • Transport to location:
    Not included. 
  • Reservation policy:

    Booking 24 hours in advance.

  • Cancellation Policy:
    No refunds on cancellation.  


  • 5
    Average: 5 (1 vote)
  • All you want to know about lychee wine....
During a day excursion we visited the Takamaka Winery. Although we were quite skeptical a out the concept of making wine out of lychees, we were impressed with the professionalism of the company. We got useful information from our guide, watched a well prepared video about the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the lychees and observed the production process. The tour was concluded with a tasting session. We were so impressed with the taste and aromas of the wines (white, rose and moelleux) that we purchased these unique wines so that we can share our experience with friends.
  • 4
    Average: 4 (1 vote)
  • A memorable experience
If you're a wine lover in Mauritius, you're definitely going to want to stop by for a tasting. My husband and I have never had the opportunity to taste litchi wine and it was a hit back home when I brought over some of their bottles. Our favourites were the Apérichy and the Eclipse. The tour was pleasant and very informative. Luckily we had the opportunity to talk with the owners that day and had a lovely time chatting. Would return if I had the opportunity.

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