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  • Quadbike Adventure - Lost in Nature of Mauritius
  • Quadbike Adventure - Lost in Nature of Mauritius
  • Quadbike Adventure - Lost in Nature of Mauritius

Quadbike Adventure - Lost in Nature of Mauritius

Quadbike Adventure - Lost in Nature of Mauritius

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The Quad Adventure is a 45 km track ride specially designed for thrill seekers and nature lovers. Explore the hidden charms of the Southern coast of the island with the various tracks and trail times available, cross natural terrain, and take on the challenge of many of nature’s rough and unpredictable obstacles. 

The quad tour is led by experienced guides, who know the area like the back of their hand. So get ready for an unforgettable off-track tour creating memories that will last for a lifetime!

The quad tour departs from the Andrea lodge, a lodge nestled on cliffs with stunning views of the ocean, and will take you to the following sites:

  • The volcanic cliff of Gris-Gris – this beach is not protected by coral reefs and hence offers an amazing view to visitors of big waves crashing on the shore. 
  • La Roche qui Pleure — the crying rock is so called because of the continuous beating of the waves on its flanks giving the impression that it is crying.
  • Rochester Falls – unique and dramatic waterfalls, highly popular because of the rectangular rocks flanking it.
  • Lunch at Avalon Golf Estate – Enjoy a unique golfing experience in Mauritius with its sculpted in idyllic surroundings, combining tea plantations, rivers, ravines, mountains and a sweeping view of the Southern coastline
  • L’Exil Lodge – Nested in the heart of the indigenous endemic forest and scenic waterfall revealing all the vibrational energy to bring you back to the roots – a rare experience
  • Leon Waterfalls – A peaceful place to get connected with nature like never before

You will be driving along the most hidden spots in the south of Mauritius. The small tracks we cover are also used by local villagers;so you can experience our traditional lifestyle as we drive past fields, sugarcane plantations and authentic Mauritian villages. Mauritians are friendly so expect the locals to, wave and smile when they see you pass on your quad.

It is a truly incredible experience to see them, that no one should miss! 

  • Experience:  Guided quad bike tour while exploring places like Gris Gris Cliffs, Savanne River, La Roche qui Pleure, Terracine, Rochester Falls, Union Forest, lunch at Avalon Golf Estate, Exil Lodge, Leon Waterfalls, Tea Tasting & return to Andrea Lodges. Track of 45KM


  • Price description and quad passenger capacity:  Single Quad: 128 Euro,  Double Quad: 228 Euro 


  • Included in the price:  Guided quad trip in and around the wild southern coast, swimming in private waterfall, lunch at Avalon Golf Estate, rum tasting, tea tasting, safety helmet and safety briefing.


  • Opening days for activity:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


  • Start time, end time and duration:  
    Start time: 10 A.M
    Duration: Aprox 4 hours
  • Location and/or meeting point/finishing point: Andrea Lodges
  • What should you bring? 
    • Long trousers and long-sleeved top are recommended.
    • Sports shoes and trainers must be worn. No sandals/flip flops/open-toed shoes.
    • Sunglasses, sun protection and mosquito repellant are highly recommended.
    • Waterproof clothing is advisable if rain is forecast (it may get muddy)
    • You are also advised to bring spare clothes.
  • Minimum age and/or requirements for kids:  As from 6 years old for a minimum height 1m50
  • Transport to location:  Not included. 


  • Reservation policy: Booking 48 hours in advance.


  • Cancellation Policy: 
    • One week prior to departure: Full reimbursement. 
    • Within 48 hours prior to departure: 50% of the cost of the tour.
    • On the same day: No reimbursement.


  • Starting and ending times:  To ensure a pleasant and quality experience to all guests, we suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your allocated start time at the meeting point. The start and finish times for the ride are fixed. If the group arrives late the ride will still end at the allocated time. If one or more members of the group are late, it will not be possible to incorporate them into the group after instruction has started.


  • Restrictions: The quad tours are strictly forbidden for pregnant women. No one under, or suspected of, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to take part in the ride.

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