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Why Us

Why Us

At PinkMango™, quality and service go hand in hand. We go the extra mile to find what is worth discovering. This is why we work exclusively with the best and hand-pick only what’s exceptional to reach our goal: fuel your wanderlust.


What makes the difference when you discover Mauritius the PinkMango™ way?

Our experience goes back to 1988, as a brand of Itineris, established in 1988 as the travel agency Harel Mallac Travel & Leisure, which is part of a Mauritian group of companies that exists since 1956: Harel Mallac Group.
Itineris is a proud member of the International Air Travel Association (IATA), as well as of the Mauritius Association of IATA Travel Agents. Its sister-company, Harel Mallac Aviation, is also the local representative of the German airline Condor and of Air India and operates both passengers and cargo services.

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